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Tindle Music Co. Tablatures - Each tablature page on this website has a link to a PDF version of the same tablature. A PDF (Portable Document Format) is a high quality graphic file you can print quickly and easily. With manageable files sizes, they generally do not take a long time to download, even with a dial-up connection.

Adobe has created two PDF software options for you.

1) Acrobat Reader - This program is absolutely FREE! It will allow you to view and print any PDF files you find. (It does not, however, enable you to create, combine, or split PDF files). You can download your FREE copy at the link provided above and start viewing and printing PDF tablatures today.

2) Acrobat - This is a full version program that acts like a virtual printer, meaning you can create quality PDF files from just about any application. The cost is perhaps a little steep in our opinion, but well worth it if you plan to create a lot of PDF's. For more information, just visit the Adobe link above and look for "Acrobat".

If you do not yet have Acrobat Reader, then we highly recommend downloading it now. Our website is not the only one with tablatures in PDF files that you can print. In fact, the PDF file format is quickly becoming the preferred method of sharing tabs on the internet. (Not to mention the mind-boggling amount of other valuable information available out there using PDF). If you already have the Acrobat Reader software installed on your computer, then all you should need to do to open the PDF file is to click on the link. Acrobat Reader should open automatically within the window of your web browser. To leave the PDF page, just click the back button on your browser.

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