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Simple Theory for the Mountain Dulcimer - Book
A practical guide to notes, intervals, scales, chords, and chord progressions
"Over the years that I have been a musician, this information has been the most valuable resource I've found for understanding and appreciating music. It has also helped tremendously with learning new songs and composing music of my own. I'm convinced that a basic grasp of these simple music theory concepts will help you to become a better dulcimer player and all around musician. You will learn a lot about what you've been playing, not just how to play it. This gives you the tools to build not only a more extensive repertiore, but also a lasting appreciation and love of dulcimer music, and music in general."

Table of Contents:
 Part One - An Introduction to Music Theory
    Using the Keyboard
    Using the Dulcimer Fretboard
 Part Two - Five "Keys" to Music Theory
    I. Notes
    II. Intervals
    III. Scaled & Modes
    IV. Chords
    V. Chord Progressions
 Part Three - Appendices
    Appendix A - Standard Notation
       & Dulcimer Tablature Guide
    Appendix B - Key Signatures
    Appendix C - Scales & Modes
    Appendix D - Note & Rest Time Values,
       & Time Signatures
    Appendix E - 3 String Chord Charts
    Appendix F - 4 String Chord Charts

Simple Theory Book

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