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Learn About TablEdit and .TEF Files
CLICK HERE to Download your FREE demo version of TablEdit Tablature Editor!
Download TablEdit demo version for FREE!
CLICK HERE to Download your FREE copy of TEFview TablEdit file viewer!
Download TEFview for FREE!
Tindle Music Co. Tablatures - We searched high and low to find just the right software for the mountain dulcimer that would not only publish the highest quality tablatures, but also have the ability to play the tab through midi. Our search ended when we found TablEdit. All the tablatures on this website and in our books were created with this wonderful program. The main reason we like TablEdit so much is that it has the ability to think "diatonically". This means it can recognize that a "1" on the dulcimer needs to be a whole step, not a half-step like most other stringed instruments.

We HIGHLY recommend TablEdit as the best tablature creation software we've found for the mountain dulcimer. (Of course it does a fine job for many other stringed instruments, too.) The layout is logical and easy to use and yet powerful enough to create publishing quality tablatures for single or multiple instruments simultaneously.

Midi Sound Files - TablEdit can also generate midi files directly from the tablature. This means that the printed version that you see and the midi file you hear are exactly the same. With both TEFview and TablEdit you can also manipulate the midi playback to play the tab as slow or as fast as you like, without any change in pitch. What a great tool for both learning and practicing!

On each of our tablature pages we have included two speeds of midi files; one slower, and one at a moderate performance speed. This makes it quick and easy to hear what each tablature sounds like. Very helpful, especially if you're unfamiliar with the tune. If you already have a program on your computer that will play midi files, then all you should need to do is click on the midi link. Your midi player should launch automatically and begin playing the file.

TEFview - OR - TablEdit, that is the question...
CLICK HERE to Download your FREE copy of TEFview TablEdit file viewer! TEFview - you can view tablatures and manipulate the midi playback of the TablEdit (.tef) files by simply downloading the absolutely FREE TEFview software directly from their website.
CLICK HERE to Download your FREE demo version of TablEdit Tablature Editor! TablEdit - if you want to create, edit, and save tablatures of your own, you will need to get the TablEdit program. You can download an absolutely FREE demo version of TablEdit, however this demo does not include some important elements for the dulcimer such as "thinking" diatonically. You can print tablatures just fine, but the midi playback will interpret a "1" as a half-step, not a whole-step. This makes the midi playback sound really weird, or very creative, depending upon your point of view! But, give it a try. If you decide you like it, the full version is available for a very reasonable amount.

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