CD103M Airs of Ireland - MP3 downloads

CD103M Airs of Ireland - MP3 downloads

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Traditional Irish Melodies 
Mark Tindle - Mountain Dulcimer
Airs of Ireland is a work that captures the graceful solace of 14 traditional Irish melodies, while embracing the simplistic beauty of the mountain dulcimer. Originally composed for the Irish harp, most of these melodies were written by Turlough Carolan a few hundred years ago. They are performed here on the mountain dulcimer with guitar, & hammer dulcimer. 

Track Titles:
1. George Brabazon / Fanny Power (sample on video)
2. Morgan Megan
3. Col. John Irwin / Sheebag Sheemore
4. Squire Woods Lamentation
5. Carolan's Draught
6. Carolan's Dream (sample on video)
7. Lord Inchiquin
8. Blind Mary
9. Give Me Your Hand (sample on video)
10. Star of the County Down
11. No. 179
12. Carolan's Farewell to Music

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