#2.015 Sapele Mahogany Serenade Dulcimer

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This Serenade model mountain dulcimer will be available soon and is currently on the workbench being built. Made from curly Sapele Mahogany for the top, back, and sides, it will feature a 27" scale length and diatonic fretboard with the 1.5, 6.5, and 13.5 frets added. Strap buttons and a hardshell case are also included. An LR Baggs bridge saddle pickup system with integral end-pin cable jack may be installed for $200.

Photos from the Bench

Photo 1 - Top, Back, Sides, and Bindings are roughed out. These have been lightly sprayed with denatured alcohol to approximate how the color and grain will appear when finished. Denatured alcohol is used as it evaporates very quickly without adding any moisture content to the wood.
Photo 2 - Soundholes are cut and the top and back braces are installed.
Photo 3 - Sides, linings, and bindings are bent and ready to build with the top and back.
Photo 4 - The body is ready to "close-the-box".
Photo 5 - The body is built and bindings installed. The neck is assembled, inlayed, and slotted for frets.
Photo 6 - All built and ready for final sanding and finishing! 
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Features & Specifications...

  • Serenade Model Features

    -Solid wood construction
    -Hardwood bindings
    -Carbon fiber reinforced neck
    -3 & 4 string slots
    -Black Gotoh tuning machines
    -Easy to change ball end strings
    -Strap buttons included

    -Hardshell case included
    -LR Baggs Pickup +$200

  • Custom Features

    -Figured Sapele Mahogany top/back/sides

    -Maple leaf design soundholes

    -Curly Maple bindings

    -Rosewood fingerboard

    -Rosewood headstock overlay

    -Pewter "Tindle" headstock logo
    -Fingerboard position dots
    -Diatonic fretboard plus

    -1.5, 6.5, and 13.5 frets

  • Specifications

    Overall length - 35"

    Overall height - 3"

    Body height - 2"

    Upper body width - 6.5"

    Lower body width - 8"

    Fingerboard width - 1.5"

    Vibrating string length - 27"

    Expected Completion - June 2023

Tindle Music Company

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