"Just as music enriches our lives, I believe the instrument itself should inspire us musically and visually.
As both a player and a builder, I create each dulcimer with this goal in mind". -Mark

Available Now!

While most Tindle Dulcimers are made to order, a few make it through the finish line unsold and are available right here. Click the images for more photos, video demos, and specifications.

Ordering a Tindle Dulcimer

Didn’t find what you want in the “Available Now” list? Let me build one just for you! I offer three models (or, sizes), each with three trim levels and other options so you can personalize your own special dulcimer. Follow the links in the “Models & Trim” section below for details and pricing.

When you’re ready to order, just follow these easy steps:

  • Select the Model - SerenadeSonata (baritone), or Minuet (soprano, coming soon)
  • Choose the Trim Level - Essential, Premium, or Custom
  • Consider what other options you may want (like a pickup?).
  • Contact me to order…the process is easy.

Not quite ready to order? Have more questions? That's OK! I understand there is a lot of information here, so please reach out and let me help. I'll be happy to answer all your questions and even make recommendations, if you want.

Tindle Dulcimers are available in three models, each with three trim levels and other options. Follow the links below for details and pricing.

Customer Reviews

Why do people love their Tindle Dulcimers?

"I would highly recommend Mark's dulcimers to anyone"
Irma in New Mexico

"...exceeded my expectations!"
Alan in Georgia

"...excellent quality and beauty..."
Carolyn in Missouri

"...the sound was absolutely amazing!"
Stacey in Pennsylvania

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