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4 Equidistant Strings Dulcimer Day

March 2, 2024 Online Only

This is a one-day online event (via Zoom) focusing exclusively on the 4 equidistant strings arrangement for the mountain dulcimer. I am one of six instructors for the day that will explore many various aspects of this approach to playing. Since the events run sequentially throughout the day, one registration will admit you to ALL the workshops, concert, and more!

To learn more about this event, use this link:

4 Equidistant Dulcimer Day

When you are ready to register, please help me by using this link that gives me credit for your patronage:

4 Equidistant Dulcimer Day Registration

Lone Star State Dulcimer Festival

May 10-12, 2024 in Glen Rose, TX

Years ago I participated in this event many times, first as an attendee, then as a performer and teacher. It's always been a wonderful outdoor festival that offers many workshops, concerts, contests, jams, FREE admission, and just a whole lot of fun! I'll be playing, teaching, jamming, and showing my Tindle Dulcimers for sale.

Visit this link to learn more:

Lone Star State Dulcimer Festival

QuaranTUNE Summer '24 Virtual Dulcimer Festival

May 30 thru June 2, 2024 Online Only

Born out of the pandemic, the QuaranTUNE Virtual Dulcimer Festivals have become THE largest dulcimer festivals in the world offering hundreds of workshops to thousands of eager participants! I am thrilled to be part of the QDF 2024 SummerFest along side 50 world renown instructors. I'll be teaching 4 workshops (2 in 3-string and 2 in 4-equidistant strings) and playing in one of the evening concerts.

For more information, visit this link:

Ozark Roots Dulcimer Festival

July 10-13, 2024 in Mountain View, AR

Ever since I first visited Mountain View, AR in 1981, I've had a soft spot in my heart for this beautiful Ozark mountain town, its people, and, of course, the mountain dulcimer! Having performed and taught a number of times in the past at the Dulcimer Jamboree in April, I am really looking forward to coming back to the Ozarks in July and "reconnecting" with the folks, the fellowship, and the music. I'll be teaching several workshops and performing in the concert, as well as displaying several Tindle Dulcimers for sale.

Visit this link to learn more:

Ozark Roots Dulcimer Festival

Walnut Valley Festival

September 18-22, 2024 in Winfield, KS

The Walnut Valley Festival (often just called "Winfield") is a huge mostly acoustic music festival each September in Winfield, KS that has the reputation of one of the largest gatherings of its type in the country. It boasts 4 "official" stages running for 4 days straight with performances and national contests. Some say the "real" festival occurs out in the campgrounds where there are many jam sessions of all levels in constant motion! It hosts the National Mountain Dulcimer Championship of which I'll once again be a sponsor by providing a Solid Ground Stands Dulcimer Stand to the new champion. We'll also be a vendor selling Tindle Dulcimers and Solid Ground Stands side-by-side. Please come visit us under the Grandstand!

Visit this link to learn more about the festival:

Walnut Valley Festival

Winter Creek Dulcimer Reunion

October 10-13, 2024 in Bennington, OK

The small rural Oklahoma town of Bennington, OK, home to both Masterworks and David's Dulcimers, hosts easily one of the best little dulcimer festivals in the country...and it's FREE to attend! Lots of workshops, jams, concerts, and of course just plain fun! I'll be teaching a few workshops and performing in the concert, as well as offering Tindle Dulcimers for sale.

Visit this link to learn more:

Winter Creek Dulcimer Reunion

NGFDA Virtual Fall Festival

November 12-23, 2024 Online Only

Another great virtual on-line festival coming this fall.

More information to come...stay tuned...

Mark your calendars now...registration opens 9/15/24.

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