Welcome to the dulcimers and music of two-time National Mountain Dulcimer Champion, Mark Tindle.

"My passion is to enrich your life with beautiful music, whether played by you or someone else". -Mark

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Customer Reviews of Tindle Dulcimers

We are always so thankful to hear from our customers and are very pleased to share with you some reviews of their Tindle Dulcimer. Read the full reviews HERE.

"I would highly recommend Mark's dulcimers to anyone"
Irma in New Mexico

"...exceeded my expectations!"
Alan in Georgia

"...excellent quality and beauty..."
Carolyn in Missouri

"...the sound was absolutely amazing!"
Stacey in Pennsylvania


"My hope is to inspire you with some of the wonderfully diverse voices of this deeply personable musical instrument we call the mountain dulcimer.

Please check out my TindleMusic YouTube channel HERE."

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