Who is this guy?

Mark Tindle

  • Passionate Player
  • Master Builder
  • Articulate Teacher
  • Creative Composer
  • Multi-Recording Artist
  • 2-time National Mountain Dulcimer Champion

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Mark's Bio

the short story...

Mark began playing and building dulcimers at about the same time in 1980. Once introduced to the 4-equidistant strings setup, he was pleasantly surprised how creative and expressive this so-called “simple” instrument could be and was instantly hooked! Mark soon began performing, teaching, and building professionally. He won numerous playing competitions including two National Mountain Dulcimer Championships and self-produced several albums.

Later, he took about 25 years off from “dulcimering” full-time to work a regular day job career in order to raise a family, but now he’s back!

“It’s like version 2.0! I’m thrilled to be playing, teaching, and building dulcimers once again.”

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Mark's Dulcimer Music

Mark's innovative dulcimer music not only captures the traditional flavor of this original American instrument, but also reveals an extraordinary depth and rich expressiveness not commonly associated with the mountain dulcimer's folk roots.

Through a vast repertoire of traditional and modern tunes, story songs, hymns, choruses, and even his own original compositions, his music clearly reveals the sensitive, personal touch inherent in the dulcimer. Blending his deep appreciation of music with his genuine love for people enables Mark's music to connect with many folks of diverse ages and walks of life.

"What a blessing it is to help others enjoy this beautiful and magically personable instrument…whether they play it or just listen.”

YouTube Music Videos

Mark has an active YouTube channel where you can sample some of his dulcimer music. Please subscribe to @TindleMusic on YouTube, and thanks for watching!

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