The Essential Four-String Dulcimer

by Mark Tindle

A straightforward method for the four-eqiudistant strings mountain dulcimer.

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  • Looking for a creative way to play the mountain dulcimer smoother and more expressively?
  • Have you ever considered four-equidistant strings, but felt it seemed just too intimidating or complicated? 

In The Essential Four-String Dulcimer book, Mark teaches you a simple and straightforward method for the four-equidistant strings mountain dulcimer. Focusing mostly on just one tuning, D-A-D-D, this approach unlocks a wealth of creativity, and is easier than you might think!

This book begins with familiar novice level tunes to help you get comfortable with that fourth string. Then, it moves quickly to intermediate level techniques and tunes to introduce you to the magic and expressiveness of the four-string dulcimer. You will learn to use beautiful musical tools like four-note chords, sustaining open strings, lyrical harp runs, and creative crosspicking. You can also apply these concepts to songs that you already know and expand their musicality with this four-string approach.

142 pages, PDF file size is 253MB.
Includes more than 60 different tunes. with many important tab symbols and texts printed in color to enhance clarity.

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Digital Bonus!

When you purchase this PDF Electronic copy version, you will also receive a zip file that contains individual MIDI files for each tablature within this book!

If you wish to purchase the PRINTED hard copy version, then click HERE. (The printed hard copy also includes the PDF electronic version PLUS all the MIDI files).

The MIDI files will allow you to hear the tablature, which can be extremely helpful if a particular tune is unfamiliar to you. The real advantage of a MIDI file in lieu of an audio recording, is that there are numerous free MIDI player apps available that will allow you to slow down or speed up the MIDI file playback without changing the pitch or key.

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Below is a YouTube video of Blind Mary that will give you a sample of what you can do with the four equidistant strings arrangement for the mountain dulcimer.

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